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Practical International Data Management - Numbers


Most cultures use Arabic numerals to express numbers, and use the decimal counting system. There are two major differences between cultures: the naming of numbers and the punctuation marks used as separators. For example, whereas in the United Kindom and The Unites States the number one million may be written 1,000,000.00, with commas as the thousand separator and the full stop as the decimal point, in many European cultures it would be writte 1.000.000,00, with the full stop as a thousand separator and the comma as a decimal point.

Naming can also cause confusion, as this table (taken from Practical International Data Management External shows:

Number Name in the United States Name in the United Kingdom In Dutch (translated) In Portuguese (translated) In Spanish (translated) In Croatian (translated) In French (translated)
1 000 000 million million million       million
1 000 000 000 billion billion / one thousand million miljard (thousand million) mil milhoes (thousand million mil millones (thousand million) milijarde (thousand million) milliard (thousand million)
1 000 000 000 000 trillion trillion/billion billion   billón (billion)   billion
1 000 000 000 000 000 000 quintillion trillion trillion       trillion



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